Fittings at your convenience

One thing which distinguishes us from everybody else is the 100% personalized service we give you.

No matter what your circumstances, we make it easy for you to own comfortable shoes.

Here's how we can help:

  • We have a private showroom (by appointment only). When you come see us, we give you 100% of our attention - we do not divide our time between customers.
  • If you can't come see us, we come see you - at your location - at a time which is convenient to you.
  • We work closely with and are recommended by many local orthopedists, podiatrists, doctors, physical therapists, and health care professionals throughout Massachusetts.
  • We have a long, successful track record of visiting customers at nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, adult day care facilities and medical facilities.
  • Stuck at home? No problem - we can come see you in your home.

In addition to custom shoes, we offer many top brand specialty shoes, such as:

  • Advanced footwear
  • Apis/Answer 2
  • Aetrex
  • Acor
  • Brooks Sneakers
  • Comfort Rite
  • Drew/Barefoot Freedom
  • Just Sneakers
  • OrthoFeet
  • Pedors
  • P.W. Minor/Canfield
  • Propet